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Orang Asal and other Christians should get their act together

By Joe Fernandez

I AM for the destruction of Pesaka, the gathering of the 3rd Force in Parliament through the 57 seats from Borneo and the decolonization of Borneo in that order. Anwar will never agree to the destruction of Pesaka just as he will never agree to the destruction of Umno in Sabah. We have been through this before.

PKR's strategy is to lure at least a third of Umno MP's. After that, Anwar hopes the rest will defect to his party and end Umno. In short Umno would have been swallowed up by PKR. A Federal Government headed by PKR, without Umno around warming the Opposition benches, would be the worst Government for the country.

PR can only win one third of the seats at the most in the Sabah and Sarawak state assemblies. When people realize that they are going nowhere with PR in Borneo, they will come to their senses.

The fight in Malaya will be one to one, PR vs BN. In Borneo, it will not be one to one because PR refuses to give way to the local opposition parties and independents. By denying the local opposition parties and independents in Borneo, PR will deny itself.

PR is the trouble maker in Borneo because it refuses to work with local opposition parties and independents, it refuses to incorporate locally, it refuses to have elections for its leaders and it refuses to cut off its ties with PR in Malaya.

PR will take all of Supp's seats except one or two, it will take most of SPDP seats, and half of PRS seats. Isn't that dividing the Orang Asal in Sarawak even further?

PR can challenge all the BN seats but it will never win PBB seats.

To destroy BN in Sarawak, Pesaka must be destroyed.

PR will divide the Orang Asal even further in Sabah and Sarawak while maintaining the Muslim-dominated power structure.

You can accuse me of helping BN in Sarawak if I help to protect Pesaka. Pesaka is the key to the destruction of BN in Sarawak.

PR can deny BN the two thirds majority in both Sabah and Sarawak state assemblies. That's the maximum. At what cost? At the expense of the Orang Asal because they will be divided even further. The Orang Asal will be divided between BN and Opposition. In BN, they will be divided. In PR, they will be divided. The destruction of the Orang Asal will be complete. The only way that the Orang Asal can change their fate is through a parang illang Revolution.

PR will never take over Putrajaya unless Sabah and Sarawak exit the Federation. PR can never win Sabah and Sarawak. BN can still form the Federal Government with 112 seats with as little as 18.9 per cent of votes counted. The people have lost their sovereignty to a handful of crooks in Putrajaya.

There's no such thing as Sarawakian. There's only Orang Asal and the others. The Orang Asal should forget about the Muslims and Chinese and focus on their politics. How to unite! Orang Asal politics, the politics of the rural areas, have nothing to do with the Muslims and Chinese.

The Muslims and the Chinese are jumping up and down with joy that the Orang Asal in Sabah and Sarawak are destroying themselves. The Chinese are eyeing NCR land. The Muslims want to marginalize and disenfranchise the Orang Asal and turn Sabah and Sarawak from Christian countries into Islamic states.

As a Christian, it's my duty to save the Christian countries of Sabah and Sarawak from evil jihadists and equally evil NCR land grabbers.

How will the Orang Asal benefit from the change that PR is advocating in Borneo but will never happen? How will the Christians benefit from the change that PR is advocating in Borneo but will never happen?

The local Opposition parties and independents in Sabah will never surrender the Opposition field to PR. Anwar should realize this and quit Borneo so that the 3rd Force can emerge in Parliament. 

There's no such thing as best candidates in PR. Just as there are no best candidates in BN. What did the best candidates in BN do for Sarawak in the last 50 years? What did they do for the Orang Asal? What did they do for the Christians?

Borneo's seats in Parliament are the 3rd Force. It's not a fairy tale. Both BN and PR, Malayan-based coalitions, have no moral or legal right to stake a claim to these seats.

The only reason that PR is in Borneo is because they cannot win enough seats in Malaya to seize the Federal Government. The only reason that Umno came to Sabah is because they knew that they were going to lose half the seats in Malaya to the Opposition sooner or later. PR and BN are not in Sabah and Sarawak for the people of Borneo.

The key to the unity of the Orang Asal and the destruction of BN in Sarawak is the destruction of Pesaka, not kissing Anwar's ass.

Sabahans and Sarawakians in BN and PR are ass kissers, have to cium tangan and carry balls. They are proxies, stooges and rogue elements in Borneo for the parti parti Malaya.They have no maruah. They are traitors.

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