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Charge the Culprits Responsible for Issuing Fake ICs

Kota Kinabalu:    “The Prime Minister, Home Minister, National Registration Department (NRD) and the Police are complicit and as guilty as the foreigners holding fake MyKads if they do not investigate further and charge the culprits responsible for issuing the fake Mykads” said DatukDr. Jeffrey Kitingan, STAR Sabah Chief on the sudden discovery and increasing number of fake Mykads.

It is not mere coincidence or the mere negligence or slipshod error of a single officer in the NRD that there are so many fake MyKads discovered now.   More so, when these people are employed as security guards and are supposed to assist in keeping the peace and security, not commit more crimes.

There should be a full and proper investigation and back-tracking of the fake MyKads now seized from the on-going court cases,   There should be a long trial of evidence if proper forensic investigation are carried out that.  The evidence will eventually lead to the culprits responsible for the issuance of the fakeMyKads.

Citing the example of a native from Bingkor, Keningau, whose identity card was used as a fake MyKad by a foreigner, the native had reported the loss of his IC and was given a replacement card.  How is it possible for another MyKad to be issued or used by the foreigner who had committed the goldsmith shop robbery?

The authoritiescannot and should not leave the matter hanging after the charging and conviction of the foreigners holding the fake MyKads because that is not the end of the story.  There is every reason to investigate further and get to the root of the problem unless there is an ulterior motive to protect the culprits.   If not, the problem will continue recurring.

The culprits have committed treason and protecting the culprits is as guilty as treason itself.   The future and the well-being of all Malaysians are more important than protecting a small number of criminals no matter how their criminal activities have advanced the political interests of certain groups.

The Prime Minister, Home Minister, NRD and the Police must therefore act in the larger interest of the nation and the majority and not to protect the culprits and must show to the world that they are not in the banana republic of Malaysia.

If they are incompetent or not competent enough or do not possess the know-how or do not have the expertise to investigate further, the federal government should invite the US Federal Bureau of Investigation or Interpol to assist in the investigations.

Previously, the issue of illegals being issued fake MyKads was confined to Sabah.   Now that the problem has been exported to the Peninsula and causing havoc with serious crimes and murder, the PM should seize the opportunity to act and correct the mistakes of past leaders before the nation goes down the drain.

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