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Sarawak movement outlines its schedule of demand for full autonomy

By Ezra Haganez

KUCHING: The Sarawak Sovereignty Movement founded on 3 March 2013 and launched publicly on 17 April 2013 has published its Schedule of Demand For Full Autonomy which sets out Sarawak's historic background and its objectives of asserting Autonomy.
Autonomy” in one word sums up all the terms and conditions for Sarawak (and Sabah) agreeing to form Malaysia with 3 other independent countries as equal partners being Malaya, Singapore and North Borneo (Sabah) in 1963. 

"Brunei in its wisdom decided not to follow the crowd because Malaya did not agree to accord it "equal partnership". Singapore left in 1965 over lack of equal partnership status. The original Malaysia concept of 5 countries (including Brunei) had dwindled into 3 countries in Malaysia. The concept was dead. The legitimacy of Malaysia is therefore in doubt, SSM said in a statement issued to Borneo Herald today.
SSM said Sarawak's autonomous status was spelt out clearly in the 18 Points Agreement with Malaya. These were safeguards for Sarawak having given up its independence and agreeing to form Malaysia. Sarawak reserved its sovereign right to control its own  immigration, finance and resources and requirement for “Borneonisation” among other important conditions Sarawak's sovereignty was recognized- at least on paper.
However, it claimed there is now a growing widespread local criticisms against the Malaysian Federal Government that for 50 years it failed to honour this agreement and reduced Sarawak like Sabah to colonies which critics pointed out is evidenced by the pillage of their resources and centralisation of control over the 2 countries. The Kuala Lumpur control and exploitation of Sarawak oil has seen very little oil money flowing back to Sarawak but seen as being siphoned to develop Malaya.
"With the growing awareness of Sarawak's diminished and disadvantaged position after giving up its independence to form Malaysia, a new generation of Sarawakians have begun agitating for Sarawak independence rights," said the newly-minted NGO.
The Malayan Government says that Sarawak and Sabah freely agreed to form Malaysia and they are forever a part of Malaysia. Many in the 2 countries are now asking if Sarawak and Sabah freely made such a decision then they are free to leave Malaysia like Singapore. 
Here is Sarawak Sovereignty Movement's SCHEDULE OF DEMAND FOR FULL AUTONOMY
Sarawak is a sovereign nation - a territorial and constitutional entity with the power to vote on its own laws, collect taxes and the right to own its natural resources.
Photo: Tell the world that ...  Sabah, Sarawak are not the 12th and 13th state of Malaysia?  Sabah, Sarawak are 2 nations in The Federation of Malaysia  Sabah, Sarawak were independent on 31.8.1963 and 22.7.1963 respectively  Sabah, Sarawak's rights should not be infringed by Malaya  Sabah, Sarawak manage their own government administrations 1. Each and every Sarawakian is entitled to all the rights and freedoms set forth in this Schedule of Demand for Full Autonomy, without distinction of any kind, such as race, colour, sex, birth, language, religion, property, social origin or other status. There shall be no state religion for Sarawak.

2. Sarawak shall respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media, regardless of frontiers.

3. Malay shall be the national language and English the official language for all purposes pertaining to communications within, or outside Sarawak.

4. Sarawak shall own and exercise full control over its natural resources within its territory in Section 2 of the Sarawak (Alteration of Boundaries) Order in Council read as: “The boundaries of the Colony of Sarawak are hereby extended to include the area of the continental shelf being the seabed and its subsoil which lies beneath the high seas contiguous to the territorial waters of Sarawak.”

5. Sarawak shall have unfettered control over its own borders, and conditions for entry into Sarawak shall be at the sole discretion of the Sarawak government.

6. Sarawak, as one of three sovereign entities in the Federation of Malaysia, shall have the right to veto federal legislation; and the power to amend the Sarawak Constitution belongs exclusively to the people of Sarawak represented by Sarawak Assembly (DUN). Federal law affecting Sarawak’s rights and interests may not extend to Sarawak except passed with 2/3 majority by Sarawak Assembly.

7. Representation of Sarawak in the Federal Parliament shall be representative of Sarawak territorial integrity as one of three nation-states in the Federation of Malaysia.

8. The government of Sarawak shall make available for occupation by each and every Sarawakian family eight hectares of land free of all charges. A land mechanism shall be set up in place to safeguard indigenous rights and adopt flexible land policies, to investigate and return native land to the rightful owners.

9. Local elections in Sarawak shall be implemented and if any such federal laws are in conflict, Sarawak law shall prevail.

10. Sarawak shall control its own finance, tariffs and development funds. All taxation from Sarawak sources shall revert to Sarawak with agreed contribution to Putrajaya with annual review.

11. Sarawak shall establish an independent judiciary under the jurisdiction of the Sarawak Judicial Commission to administer Sarawak Common Law and such Statutes that have been duly passed into Sarawak Law.

12. The Sarawak Rangers shall be re-established to provide defence for Sarawak, and federal defence forces shall be maintained with a symbolic presence of not more than 1000 personnel. There shall be a MINDEF and Sarawak Rangers consultative mechanism set up for strategic issues as for federal forces intervention.

13. There shall be a restored Sarawak Constabulary and para-military forces to provide civil and internal security with a symbolic presence of 100 personnel from the Royal Malaysian Police.

14. Education, including elementary, secondary, university, vocational and technical education shall be under Sarawak jurisdiction.

15. All other federal list functions including, and not exhaustive to, medicine, health, shipping, navigation, fisheries, ports, harbours, transport and communications including telecommunications, newspapers, publications, wireless and broadcasting shall revert to Sarawak control. Carbotage policy with other unfair transport and trade policies shall be abolished.

16. Sarawak shall have representation at Putrajaya for foreign relations with an agreed quota of ambassadors. Sarawak shall set up its own consular representation in foreign countries to deal with visas, tourism, culture and trade, with the power to approve investments without reference to federal approving authorities.

17. Referendum law shall be established to determine specific foundational questions, such as an amendment to the Sarawak Constitution, which shall be determined with the consent of the people through the ballot box, on the principle of popular sovereignty.

18. Sarawak Independence Day shall be celebrated with a public holiday on the 22nd day of July annually.

(i) Recognition of the principle of Sarawak sovereignty and full autonomy by 16 September 2013
(ii) Royal Commission appointed by 16 September 2013 with Commission Report by six months
(iii) Sealing of Sarawak Autonomy Agreement on 16 September 2014
(iv) Autonomy fully implemented by 16 September 2015

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  1. Syukur alhamdulillah.. yg dinantikan sekian lama dah tiba. Satu susunan jadual yg jelas.. ke arah 'full autonomy' ..pada 2015.. bersama kita menghapus ketidak-adilan, kezaliman dan penindasan..yg telah bermaharajalela selama 50 tahun. Kita raikan tarikh 22 Julai selaku hari kemerdekaan kita yg sebenar. Bongkarkan segala pembohongan Kerajaan pusat umno/bn selama ini.

  2. It should be realised much earlier, but still ok. Dont wait till all your property such as lands mortgaged to other country. Sarawak berempu orang Sarawak.Anang pribumi merinsa , orang bukai lantang..


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