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Malaysian Murali and wife Guzal (Uzbek) disappears into thin air. No action taken even after six police reports were made. Are underworld and police involved?

Murali who has a fish pond and a antic car dealer was married to Guzal from Uzbekistan for more then six years and have two children, Shanthi age 5, and Tamilchelvi, age 3.  

Guzal who is in MLM does her business around Bukit Bintang. While doing her MLM business she meet a lady from Uzbekistan who said that she was tricked into coming here and forced to work as prostitute. Guzal helped the girl and took her to the Uzbekistan Embassy, and later she returned to Uzbekistan. 

A lady named Shalo @ Julian, a Tajik who runs a salon at Bukit Bintang was not happy with Guzal for helping the girl to runaway and Shalo suspects Guzal and her husband Murali informed the police that her salon has drugs. Shalo called Guzal many times and threatened to kill Guzal and her family. Fearing the Shalo’s threats against her and her family, Guzal made a police report on 14/3/2010 at Jalan Bandar Police station. Four days later she made another police report that she is in danger and she wants police to take action. 

The police did not bother to take any action even though she showed them threatening SMS’es by Shalo. On the evening of 25thNovember 2010 Guzal and Murali left for Bukit Bintang on their motorbike and then disappeared. 
Murali’s sister Bahvani has been to the police station many times but it seems that the police are not taking any action on the reports made by Bhavani. Shanthi age 5 and Tamilchelvi age 3 have been asking for their parent and they miss them.

Below are reports made by Guzal and Bahvani:-

On 14/3/2010- police report (Ampang/005666/10) been made by Temirova Guzal that Shahlo a Tajikistan national made threats that she wanted to kill Guzal because Shahlo thinks Gazal called for the raid of the Shahlo’s Salon in Bukit Bintang.

On 18/3/2010- police report (Dang Wangi/009580/10) was made by Guzal on phone calls that threats to murder Guzal and where Shahlo said that she has police connections and Guzal can’t do nothing against her.

On 29/11/2010- police report (THSL/038699/10) been made by Bhavani a/p Thiagarajan after 5 days that Murali and Guzal were missing.

On 8/12/2010- police report (THSL/039649/10) was made by Bhavani a/p Thiagarajan that a man named Chetti called and informed that he knows where her brother Murali is, and is trying to get him.  He asks her not to inform the police about it.

On 11/12/2010- police report (Dang Wangi/044628/10) made by Bhavani a/p Thiagarajan that she went to her brother Murali and Guzal’s house at Wisma Cosway, Jalan Raja Chulan and found a police report DW RPT:9580/10 on murder threats. She ask the police to do an immediate investigation on the wherebouts of the brother and his wife.

On 29/12/2010-police report (THSL/042120/10) made by Bhavani a/p Thiagarajan that her bother Murali and his wife Guzal had been missing since 25/11/2010 and that the Investigating Officer Sjn. Sambah did not bother about the case and she is disappointed the way police handle this case.

It’s seem that many people are been missing in Malaysia like Bangsar Shan, etc but no action is taken. Are the police involved in protecting the underworld?  

There are already 6 police reports and HRP wants the police to take action because this is a serious matter where it involves a foreigner who has disappeared more than a month. 

“Rights not Mercy”



Information Chief

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