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A Country Crying for Change

By Burak S. Sem

If you live in a country where a top government dare to lie through the thick skin of his teeth about RM2.6 billion donated into his own personal bank account "seems about right," and the people don't revolt, you know you are in a country run by country full of idiots.

If you live in a country where basic infrastructure and necessities for almost 70% of the population in Sarawak are neglected since independent (1963) from British Colony, and yet the people running the country can't find a solution, you are in a country run by idiots.

If you live in a country where the Medias are bias, don’t report on all of the conflicts of interest about the big failures of the government, only telling good things about themselves… may be in a country full of idiots.

Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir was quoted by the New York Times yesterday; said that he did not think that the money had come from the Saudi government or that it was a political donation.

My fellow Sarawakian, we are being cheated by our own leaders from the BN.

It’s time for us to be wised, much, much wiser than old dirty idiots and crooks that are running our country. We must change before it’s too late.

Already there is evidence that Malaysia, despite enjoying a decades-long head start over other formerly basketcase countries in the region, is falling behind Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam. Vietnam, for one, is now being touted as the next Silicon Valley. But it is not the relocation of mere assembly (as opposed to true manufacturing) industries there nor the proliferation of call centers and business process outsourcing (BPO) operations that is being highlighted as the source of all this promise. What is being highlighted is entrepreneurship.

Too much awful corruption in the government, the courts and the people. BN leaders have a culture that they believe the only way to get ahead is to cheat and steal. And this is evident based on the wealth of the country goes to those in the government and the corporations that can buy court decisions and keep people enslaved in a shitty system.

We have enough of this buil shits. We don’t want our country to be ruled by bunch of idiots.

This coming April is very important for the people of Sarawak, it is time for change.

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